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FACT SHEET Introduction:

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QUALITY CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS ie (Q-CON) are licenced manufactures of
Hebel Autoclaved Aerated Concrete internationally known as AAC. Production of this
high quality product commenced in february 1996.

Q-CON has successfully been used in Europe since early this century and is now among
the most-used wall building materials in Europe with a rapid growth in market shares
in many countries, especially in Asia

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (Q-CON) is definitely one of the major construction
technology achievements of this century. It is a revolutionary material that offers a
unique combination of strenght, low density, thermal insulation, fire resistance and
unprecedented buildability.

Q-CON is a high-quality light building material. It is produced as blocks and panels in
a wide range of unit sizes and strengths, such as big size blocks up to 600 mm in
length and panels up to 6 m in lenght. AAC blocks and panels are of low weight,
fireresistant, sound absorbing and have excellent thermal insulation properties, high
loadbearing strenght, with a high workability simular to that of wood, however
having the physical quality and ease of construction with a material that has the
chemical characteristies of stone.

The raw materials are sand, cement,lime and an aeration agent.It is high pressure
steam-cured by autoclaves to achieve a physically and chemically stable product with
an average density of 0.50 kg.-dm≥.

Q-Con comprises myriads of non-connection air cells which give the material its
incredibly diverse qualities.

Q-CON block is 200 mm high and 600 mm long,
the thickness may vary between 75 mm
and 375 mm in 25 mm increments.
A variety of Walling System is possible,
however the standard Q-CON buildings
has 200 mm thick external load bearing
walls and 100 or 125 mm internal
non load bearing walls.
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Q-CON Panels are reinforced with
corrosion-protected,fully welded
reinforcing cage.
Floor Panels allow for long term deflection
of span/250. The maximum spans and
moments for Q-CON Panels are given
in the tables using working loads that
recommended by Q-CON. Q-CON Panels
are supplied ready for use.
They can be simply laid into position
with only the joints needing to be mortared.
Installation is therefore largely dry and
generally noformwork or bracing is necessary.
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Q-CON Lintels are reinforced sections similar to panels, the lintels are used as
supports over doorways, windows and other openings. Lintels are available in
standard block widths of 100, 125 ,150 and 200 mm and lengths up to 3,600 mm.
Minimum bearing lengths for each end of Lintel and allowable working loads
recommend by Q-CON

Q-CON AAC Thin Bed Mortar is applied using a toothed trowel to the entire area of the
horizontal and vertical face of the blocks. No other additive, powder or liquid should be
added to Q-CON Thin Bed Mortar. The mortar thickness should be in range at 2-3 mm.


Q-CON AAC Rendering Mortar is a special mortar
for render AAC Blocks or Panels which
can used for internal and external.
No other additive, powder or liquid should be added
to Q-CON Rendering Mortar.
Water must be clean, cold and drinkable.
The recommend thickness is 5-10 mm which
will cover approxiately 2.5-4.0 m2/40 kg bag.
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Q-CON walls or partition walls alone have a large potential where partition walls can
easily be erected into a building with existing external walls constructed of assorted
materials still taking full advantage of  high fire rating, good sound absorption,
and fast installation with little mess. Easily competing with walls of plywood
or plasterboard.

Internal walls have a ratio of 2/3 against External walls of 1/3
Laying.Laid using thin-bed glue mortar, plastered or unlastered for decoration.

Note. Laying in 1-2 mm thin bed glue mortar results in a dramatic
reduction of bedding mortar and a reduction of on-site handling
and mixing. (ie minimizing wet trades)

Cutting at site. Blocks can easily and accurately
be cut with tungsten toothed handsaw. To achieve
a constantly accurate cut a square is used to aid cutting.
On large sites an electric handsaw is ecommended.

Q-CON can be easy adapted to suit all forms
of construction, such as residential houses,
commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings,
schools and hospitals etc. and in all climatic

To be used for all walls, external and internal,
loadbearing or non-loadbearing, infill walls to
framed structures, party walls, and fire rated walls.

It is installed with thin-bed glue mortar,
plastered or unplastered depending on the
type of finish required.
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